What are the Different Hot Tub Brands?

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Looking to buy particular hot tub brands or swim spas right away? Here at Spa Logic, we are working to not only continuously update our inventory page on our website for you to see what we have in stock, but we are also opening a new location in Tigard, Oregon on December 5th to supply you with more options. Our family business wants to give you and your family an enjoyable hot tub experience right now. Come visit one of our three locations either in Portland, Beaverton, and coming soon, Tigard. To specifically browse each location’s inventory pages, view Portland Spa Inventory or Beaverton Spa Inventory now.

If this is your first time buying a hot tub or swim spa, read our guide for beginners.

Visit our inventory page where you can see what we currently have in our stores or what we can customize order for you. Here are a few major aspects to keep in mind about manufacturers and features when browsing our different hot tub brands. The main differences between the brands are what they are made out of and the types of features they offer:

Coast Spas

Coast Spas are great for warmer, outdoor weather. If you and your family want lots of bells and whistles or features included with your hot tub, this is the one for you. Some of these features include waterfalls, plug and play (this is where you can plug in your hot tub to a standard household outlet), wireless connectivity (where you can connect your touchscreen phone or iPad to control your hot tub features or play music), and chromotherapy features. Coast Spas are built with an acrylic interior and a polymer cabinet (the outside shell.) Their major features include the following:

  • Hydro cyclonic filtration system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Infinity series
  • Angle iron construction for added support

Read more about what makes Coast Spas unique on their infinity collection.

Clearwater Spas

Clearwater Spas are more on the higher end when it comes to quality and what they can do for you. These hot tubs have a synthetic frame option so that the hot tub does not include any wood. It also comes with many of the same features Coast Spas includes such as the lights, jets, and wireless connection. Here are some of the main features it includes:

  • Can include up to 107 jets for massage therapy
  • Has the most advanced water system in industry
  • Insulation called RTB (reflector thermal barrier) This is the most energy efficient insulation system.
  • 20 year warranty
  • Great hydrotherapy massage

Tuff Spas

Tuff Spas, as the name implies, can withhold tougher outdoor conditions such as rain, cold, snow, etc. Both their interior and exterior shell is made with polymer plastic. This is meant to last longer and be more durable. Tuff Spas do not come with all the features like coast spas do. They still do come with a few features like LED lighting and powerful messaging jets. Tough Spas also come with a built-in, lifetime warranty cover.

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