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6 Tips for Using your Hot Tub in the Summer

By , June 3, 2021

hot tub in the summer under shaded deck

Ready to find a way to cool off this summer outdoors with a cold beverage in hand? You might not immediately think of a hot tub when you think of summer. However, you can still gain all of the same benefits of using your hot tub with the jets, the relaxing, loosening up your sore or aching muscles, and being around family and friends while enjoying a cooler soak. One of the great parts of a hot tub is its ability to transform from one season to the next. Read tips below to learn how to get the most out of your hot tub (now a cool tub!) during the warm, summer months.

Turn the Temperature Down

Turn your hot tub into a cool tub. It is important to start cooling down your hot tub from the cold winter months to the warm summer days. Turn the temperature down to 94 or 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just below your internal body temperature. It is the best way to relax and enjoy your soaking experience without taking your breath away from being too hot or too cold during the summer. Keep your jets running to circulate the coolness. You can even turn the temperature down a bit more if you want to 92 or 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving the cover on while not in use will also help keep the sun from warming up your "cool" tub.

Find a Shaded Area to Put Your Hot Tub Under

It is important to place your hot tub under a shaded area such as a deck or if it sits out under the sun, you can buy an umbrella at your local Spa Logic Hot Tub dealer. Direct sunlight will naturally warm up your hot tub and make your temperature regulators work harder. Of course, it is always nice to relax in a nice shaded area.

Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

During your spring cleaning routine, make a habit out of draining and refilling your hot tub. You should do this about every 3 to 4 months due to chemical buildup.

While your hot tub is drained, check its valves, pipes, filtering systems, jets, and pumps for any damaging. If there is, contact us at one of our store locations or fill out a parts request form and our team will provide you with the replacements for those damaged parts.

Go ahead and clean that dirt buildup that occurs around the surface of your hot tub, created from your body chemicals, sweat, lotions, sunscreens, detergents, or anything else that comes off your skin.

Finally, refill your hot tub with fresh water.

Check your Chemical Balance

Always continuously check your chemical balance using testing strips to check the alkaline and acid levels. You should do this from time to time throughout the summer as you will want to use your "cool" tub often. Spa Logic is here to help you by selling you the chemicals you need in our store to balance out your hot tub. We also offer free water testing if you need it. Read more about what chemicals you can use to balance your water.

Soak at Night or in the Morning

Whether the sun is rising or setting, enjoy a morning soak to rejuvenate for a productive day or an evening/nightly soak to enjoy the sunset and prepare for a good nights sleep. Enjoying your hot tub before or after the day's heat peaks is always an entirely different type of enjoyable experience than say using your hot tub in the winter or using it during the day, which are also wonderful experiences as well.

Soak on a Rainy Day

A summer rain is a wonderful opportunity to experience a dip in the hot tub, especially if you love the rain. As long as there is no threat of thunder or lightening, sit under your deck in your hot tub to watch the rain or join mother nature in a nice summer, cool break.

If you are looking to learn more about your hot tub or looking to buy one read more in our other article, Build a Vacation in your Backyard.

Have any questions about hot tubs or Spa Logic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to help find answers fast.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to this Article

How do I Maintain my Hot Tub?

Learn how to properly maintain your hot tub by reading our articles about taking care of a hot tub. “How to Maintain your Hot Tub” is a solid place to start learning how to prevent future problems and keeping a long lasting hot tub.

How Long Should I Stay in my Hot Tub

Generally, 15-20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to soak no matter what time of day. 15 minutes pre or post workout, in the morning before work, before you go to bed, on the weekends with friends and family, etc. Just 15 minutes a day can make a difference in the quality of your life.

How Often Should I use my Hot Tub?

The key to benefiting the most from your hot tub is to find a regular routine for when you soak. For every person that routine can vary. The optimal usage is at least once or twice a day. It could be at the beginning and ending of your day. It could be before and after work. Also, it could be after your workout and before you go to bed. There are many different combinations. Find what works best for you. Start with one type of routine and consistently do this for the next 2 weeks. If you feel that your energy, pain levels, mentality, stress, or other qualities of your life have been improved by this, keep it up! Switch it up and try other times of the day. Try that for 2 weeks. Is your new routine better? Experiment.

When is the Best Time of Day to Hot Tub?

There are various times to dip into your hot tub to invigorate your day or to relax. Some of those include before you go to work, during the weekend, after a hard workout, during the cold winter days, and before you go to bed at night. Read more about these times of day here.

How Often Should I Change the Water in my Hot Tub?

We recommend you change your water at least every 3 months or every new season. If you find that your water gets dirtier faster or you have a lot of problems with cloudy/foamy water, then you should try changing it every month or two. This may be because you use your hot tub often.