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Clearwater is the Best Brand in the Pacific Northwest

By , November 30, 2021

Clearwater is the Best Hot Tub in the Pacific Northwest

Why is Clearwater the best brand of hot tubs to buy in the Pacific Northwest? Spa Logic has partnered with Clearwater because of their very special CLEAR water management system--unique to any other competing brand. The most important part of keeping a hot tub is making sure it is always clean and clear before hopping in with family and friends. Clearwater will put your mind at ease because they offer the best and most natural cleaning system that makes it easy to keep clean.

The CLEAR System

Clearwater has a continuous filtration system that uses the pumps 24/7, rather than filter on low speed and move through the jets at high speed like other hot tub brands. This keeps your water 100% clear 24 hours a day with no action on your part required because it is automatic. Not only will your hot tub be ready to use at any time, but it also will keep your hot tub cleaner overtime. When it does come time to replace your reusable filters, you can simply lift them out, clean, and replace.

Clearwater is the Best Hot Tub in the Pacific Northwest

Because of this total purity system, there are very minimal chlorine levels used. Chlorine is simply not the best cleaner for your skin or health. Clearwater uses a more natural system that you can be happy with. Read more about how the CLEAR system works and what each stage means here.

The CLEAR Button

Thankfully, the CLEAR system is automatically set up for you upon first setting up your hot tub. The CLEAR button is there to give your hot tub a boost of sanitation when you need it. You can hit this button when you have a lot of people using it or use your spa frequently. Rest easy knowing your hot tub is always working to keep your water clean. You never have to mess with the clear settings. The button is just there for you when you want an extra boost of clean!

Clearwater's Handcrafted Seats

Clearwater is the Best Hot Tub in the Pacific Northwest

The 24/7 natural and clean water system is not the only quality that makes Clearwater hot tubs attractive. We also have engineers to handcraft the seating molds to optimize your comfort. They use people instead of machines to sit in each seat during the crafting process so they can ensure every time you sit it will be a relaxing experience. Read more Clearwater benefits here.

Why Choose Clearwater in the Pacific Northwest

Live in the Northwest? Spa Logic Hot Tubs, also located in the Pacific Northwest region, will sell and deliver your Clearwater hot tub and help you install it. They also have 7 different series you can choose from to perfectly match your preferences in the number of seats, loungers, jets, pumps, other features, and more. Read more about each series. Call us today to get your Clearwater hot tub. You can also check out the Clearwater series here.

Have any other questions about hot tubs or Spa Logic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to help find answers fast.

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