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Will a Hot Tub Increase My Home’s Value?

By , January 15, 2022

“Will adding a hot tub to my home increase the property’s value?”

Hot tubs don’t use up much space, the cost of maintaining them is low, and since they have a lockable lid, they don’t pose the danger to the safety of small children and pets. Moreover, hot tubs are used for hydrotherapy, not just for relaxation and pleasure.

The small square footage, safety, and versatility of a hot tub are some of the qualities that make it a valuable addition to your home, explains Evolve Management. These features will add more than the $5,000-$8,000 you spend on your hot tub to the value of your property. But to get the value from a hot tub, there are things you should know.

Factors that affect your hot tub’s value

1.      The type of hot tub

There are different types of hot tubs, but they all fall into two categories; portable or permanent hot tubs.

Portable hot tubs: Portable hot tubs vary a lot. Some have small inflatable units that you can easily stow away when not in use. Others have portable hot tubs with solid frames which can accommodate as many as ten persons.

Permanent hot tubs: Permanent hot tubs are built-in into the ground. You have to make a hole in the deck, patio, or yard before the installation. Although they can be de-installed, this requires extra construction and costs a lot of money. Portable hot tubs that are built-in are also considered permanent.

Portable hot tubs will not add value to your home. That is because they are assumed as the personal property of the homeowners. Buyers will believe you will want to keep it. The most that a portable hot tub can be is an optional addition to your home, and it won’t improve the home’s value.

Permanent hot tubs are part of the property, and the value it provides will have a considerable influence on the price of the home. If your main reason for adding a hot tub is to make your home more valuable, a permanent hot tub will serve your purpose better.

2.      The hot tub shell

Hot tub shells are made from a variety of materials. The material used in the construction of the shell will influence the weight of the hot tub, its durability, heat retention, and how easy it is to maintain. Heat retention and ease of maintenance are vital because they determine the cost of operating the hot tub and its overall attractiveness. Acrylic or stainless steel hot tubs have the best value here.

3.      The landscaping around your hot tub

Hot tubs should not exist in isolation; the immediate area around the hot tub matters. A hot tub installed into a deck framed by green regions will fetch more money than one in the middle of a yard. Treat the project as an integral part of your home’s landscaping if you want the most value from your hot tub installation. A setting of natural stones, plants, and mood lighting will help you maximize the value of the hot tub.

4.      Maintenance is vital

Rather than add value, a damaged or worn-out hot tub will deduct from your home’s sales price. Buyers will view the hot tub as an eyesore that needs to be removed or refurbished, both of which will cost money. Keep the hot tub clean to retain its shiny exterior and prevent algae. The water should be chemically treated or replaced to avoid staining. In addition, the surrounding area must be kept tidy.

What to think of when locating a hot tub

How do you determine the best place for a hot tub?

A.      Proximity to a power source and your home

Especially during cold weather, you will appreciate a hot tub just a short distance from the door. Keep the hot tub close to the house to avoid expensive electric installations.

B.      Place it on a concrete base or deck

It would be best to have a concrete base or deck that can hold support up to 150 lbs/square foot. Think of future renovations before you choose the spot for your hot tub.

C.      Consider privacy

You don’t want your hot tub to be open to the view of neighbors or passersby. You may need to build a gazebo to make the area more private.

D.     Accessibility during installation

Avoid making the location so private that it is hard to move the hot tub into place during installation. If accessibility is an issue, use a less personal area and build around it.

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