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10 Popular Accessories your Hot Tub Must Have

By , May 31, 2022

10 Popular Accessories your Hot Tub must have

Did you just pick out your hot tub or have you had your hot tub for awhile now? If your answer is yes to either, then you are ready to accessorize your hot tub to not only enhance your experience, but to also liven up your backyard look. Here is a list of the top 10 must have accessories for your hot tub. You can find these accessories at your local Spa Logic location, where they sell these plus more fun items to compliment your hot tub.

Cover Lifter

Adding a cover lifter to the side of your hot tub makes it more convenient to remove and replace your cover when you are ready to use or finish using your hot tub. Not only does the cover lifter make life easier to access and close up your hot tub, but it also helps keep it more secure and last longer.


As shown in the photo above, steps are easy to place in front of your hot tub to make it easier to climb in.


Handrails are a great safety security while getting in and out of your hot tub. Whether you are older or younger, wet feet is always a hazard for slipping and falling. All ages should use handrails when entering and exiting. They are also very easy to install.

Towel Bar

As the name implies, its always convenient to have a bar to place your towel on just within reach when climbing out of your hot tub.


Umbrellas not only provide you and your hot tub shade and protection from the sun, but they also protect your hot tub from other debris that might fall into your hot tub when you are using it like leaves or tree branches. They also protect against the weather elements like rain. This will keep your hot tub cleaner and lasting longer. Its just like when you park your car in a garage.

Side Table

Side tables are very easy to add to the side of your hot tub to place food, drinks, towels, toys, or phones on while relaxing in your hot tub. They just make sense!

Water Seat/Booster Seat

These multipurpose seats are good for children who need an extra boost to keep head above water or just for extra comfort in general. You might find your seat/bench not quite comfortable enough and want something plushier, just as you might add a cushion seat to your chairs.

Head and Neck Pillows

In addition to having a seat cushion, adding head and neck pillows that easily attach to the side of your hot tub will make it that much easier to lay back and relax while enjoying your soak.

Aqua Tray

These trays fit right on the inside of your hot tub for you to put drinks or food on while submerged in your hot tub.


Enjoying an aromatherapy experience is part of your relaxation therapy. Add aroma packets to your water that don't mess with the chemical balances of your water. It's like lighting a scented candle when you take a bath.

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