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What Cleaners Should I Use on my Hot Tub?

By , July 31, 2022

When it's that quarterly time of the year to drain and clean your hot tub water, don't forget about cleaning your hot tub parts as well as keeping everything functioning properly. As part of your hot tub maintenance routine, you should use special hot tub cleaners on your hot tub parts such as the cabinet, shell, cover, pipes, filters, plumbing, and jets. You can do this cleaning simultaneously when you drain, refill, and chemically balance your water at the beginning of each new season. It's as easy as that! Keeping your hot tub clean is just as important as balancing your water's PH and alkaline levels or making sure all your hot tub parts are working smoothly. Here are the hot tub cleaners Spa Logic sells and recommends using:

Recommended Hot Tub Cleaners

Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Cleaner

This is a great cleaner to remove oil, grease, and calcium off of your filter when deep cleaning your hot tub. If you don't have time to rinse your filter overnight as you normally do to clean it, you can use this handy dandy spray for cleaning also.

HASA Hi-Temp Spa Filter Soak

Use this deep cleaning cartridge cleaner for an overnight soak. This cleaner removes body oils, dirt, and other impurities.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Fill a bucket 1/3 full of water and then pour the cleaning solution with the instructed amount.
  2. Remove your cartridge from its filter and rinse debris with a hose.
  3. Place cartridge in solution.
  4. Fill the bucket with water until it submerges the cartridge.
  5. Let it sit overnight.
  6. Remove cartridge the next day and rinse with a hose thoroughly.
  7. Place the cleaned cartridge back into the filter.

Swirl Away Jet & Pipe Cleaner

This is one of the best filtration cleaners you can use on your hot tub. It removes all dirt, oils, and other debris or build up in your pipes and jets.

How to use cleaner:

This is done before draining your water.

  1. Turn off your air valves and remove your filter cartridge from the filter holder.
  2. Pour half of the bottle into the water.
  3. Run all of your jets on full speed for 1 hour.
  4. Notice the dirt and debris in the water that came out of your pipes. This is how you know it worked.
  5. Drain the water and clean your hot tub as you normally do.

Clear Spa Jet Blast Pipe Cleaner

This is another powerful plumbing cleaner option for your jet pipes similar to Swirl Away.

How to use cleaner:

This is done before draining your water.

  1. Remove your filter cartridge from the filter holder.
  2. Pour entire bottle into the water.
  3. Turn your pump on and run your jets for 15 minutes.
  4. Turn your pump and jets off for 1 hour to let water sit.
  5. Turn your pump, jets, and blower on for 15 minutes.
  6. Drain the water and clean your hot tub as you normally do.

303 Cleaners

303 Multi Surface Cleaner is a great cleaner for your spa covers or water safe surfaces. Simply spray your cover or the outside of your spa and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe off surface with a soft microfiber cloth.

There are different types of 303 cleaners you can use:

  • 303 Multi Surface Fabric Cleaner
  • 303 Mold and Mildew Cleaner and Blocker (prevents and removes mold and mildew stains.)
  • 303 Fabric Guard

Gel Gloss Polish

Use a top off gloss polish to finish your hot tub cleaning with a shiny and glossy look. Just as you might wax your car after a wash to make it look shiny and new, you can do this for your hot tub as well. It also protects the acrylic shell of your hot tub. Simply apply polish with a sponge to the outside part of your hot tub.

What Not to Use to Clean your Hot Tub Parts

Never use anything that has suds in it like soap. This is the most common mistake people can make when cleaning their hot tub. Some experts say you can clean hot tub covers with soap and water and rinse well. However, Spa Logic experts advise against this as some soap could still remain and cause future foaming in your water. It is best to use the proper hot tub cleaning supplies.

Never use all purpose cleaners like 409 spray.

Never use bleach or cleaners that contain bleach.

For further reading into cleaning your hot tub, you can read our How to Maintain your Hot Tub and/or How to Deep Clean your Hot Tub in 7 Easy Steps articles.

Have any other questions about hot tubs or Spa Logic? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to help find answers fast.

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How do I Balance my Alkaline and PH Levels?

You will need increaser and decreaser Alkaline and PH chemicals kept in your home to use when either of these levels gets too high or too low. You can purchase these at your local Spa Logic dealer. To learn more about total Alkaline and PH levels, read our article.

How do I Maintain my Hot Tub?

Learn how to properly maintain your hot tub by reading our articles about taking care of a hot tub. “How to Maintain your Hot Tub” is a solid place to start learning how to prevent future problems and keeping a long lasting hot tub.

What Should I use to Clean my Hot Tub?

You should use proper cleaning solutions recommended by Spa Logic hot tub experts. You can purchase these solutions in store at your nearest location.

How do I Clean my Hot Tub?

Learn how to deep clean your hot tub in 7 easy steps in our blog.

Can I use Vinegar to Clean my Hot Tub?

Yes, but only for stains that are hard to remove. Do not use vinegar to clean your entire hot tub. You need to use cleaning solutions specially designed for hot tubs. Use a 50/50 percent ratio of vinegar to water when you do need to get those tuff stains out. You can read more about what to use to clean your hot tub in our blog.