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Buyers Guide for a 6 Person Hot Tub

So, you are looking to buy a fun 6 person sized hot tub for you and your family and/or friends? There are many benefits to buying a 6 person, medium sized hot tub. The most obvious is the ability to fit a whole family of up to 6 people or to fit you and some […]

How to Remove Spa Suds

Learn how to quickly and easily prevent and remove spa suds/foaming right away. The first step is understanding that spa suds are caused by an imbalance in your spa's water chemicals called the PH and total alkalinity levels. It is important to check your levels once or twice a week and to add the proper […]

What Cleaners Should I Use on my Hot Tub?

When it's that quarterly time of the year to drain and clean your hot tub water, don't forget about cleaning your hot tub parts as well as keeping everything functioning properly. As part of your hot tub maintenance routine, you should use special hot tub cleaners on your hot tub parts such as the cabinet, […]

Hot Tub Aromatherapy: Heal your Mind and Body

Looking for a new way to relax and relieve stress and anxiety? Try a more holistic approach by jazzing up your hot tub with therapeutic aromas called aromatherapy. Using specially made hot tub crystals, liquids, or oils is the start to your healing process. Sink into your steaming hot water as the elixir releases a […]

10 Popular Accessories your Hot Tub Must Have

Did you just pick out your hot tub or have you had your hot tub for awhile now? If your answer is yes to either, then you are ready to accessorize your hot tub to not only enhance your experience, but to also liven up your backyard look. Here is a list of the top […]

How to Fix 6 Common Hot Tub Problems

Experiencing some issues with your hot tub? Look no further! Here are the top 6 most common hot tub working problems users ask about. Many times, the root of the problem comes from neglecting hot tub maintenance. Be sure to read our article to learn more about how to properly take care of your hot […]

How to Maintain your Hot Tub

"Ahhhhhh," that sound we make when we sink into a sweet soak of our clean and clear hot tub. Keeping a healthy and clean hot tub means keeping up routine maintenance checks. Not only does maintaining your hot tub keep it lasting longer, but it also gives you and your family the best experience possible. […]

Will a Hot Tub Increase My Home’s Value?

“Will adding a hot tub to my home increase the property’s value?” Hot tubs don’t use up much space, the cost of maintaining them is low, and since they have a lockable lid, they don’t pose the danger to the safety of small children and pets. Moreover, hot tubs are used for hydrotherapy, not just […]

Shocking your Cloudy/Foamy Hot Tub

Help, my hot tub is cloudy and/or foamy! You may have heard the term shocking your hot tub. Shocking your hot tub is just part of regular maintenance you should do on a weekly basis to avoid creating odor and a dirty/cloudy looking hot tub. It can be a common problem amongst many hot tub […]

Clearwater is the Best Brand in the Pacific Northwest

Why is Clearwater the best brand of hot tubs to buy in the Pacific Northwest? Spa Logic has partnered with Clearwater because of their very special CLEAR water management system--unique to any other competing brand. The most important part of keeping a hot tub is making sure it is always clean and clear before hopping […]

Chemicals you Need to Balance your Hot Tub Water

Keeping a clean and healthy hot tub means taking good care of its water so you can get the most out of your hot tub experience. After you clean out your filters and fill your hot tub with water, which you find how to do in the Using your Hot Tub in the Fall article, […]

Using your Hot Tub in the Fall

Out here in the Pacific Northwest region, there is nothing more familiar than the soft drizzle of autumn rain. The crisp air calms the heat down to a sizzle and now it is time to watch the foliage turn orange and yellow, have a hot drink and climb into your hot tub. It isn't only […]