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Buy from Local Hot Tub and Swim Spa Dealers

Buy from Local Hot Tub and Swim Spa Dealers

Be careful which hot tub and swim spa dealers you do business with. Beware of traveling hot tub and swim spa expos. Always buy from a local business. Spa Logic is a family owned dealer that will always be here to service your hot tub or swim spa after your purchase. We are all about satisfying our customers.

What Local Dealers Offer

Local dealers such as Spa Logic teaches you how to properly care for your hot tub, installs your hot tub, provides lifetime warranty, informs you about hot tub covers, replaces parts, and helps you with any other problems in the future. There are many ways to contact us such as calling us or dropping by our store for a free consultation. You can always trust Spa Logic being around when you need it. We will always keep our promises to you. We guarantee that we are always looking out for your best interest.

Who Can You Rely On?

You want to buy from a local business from someone you can lean on when you need your hot tub serviced or have any questions about your hot tub. A hot tub is not just a tub of water. There is a lot of information to glean from your experts at Spa Logic like maintenance, technical help, water testing help, troubleshooting help, etc. You want someone you can count on. You want that good customer service. Choose hot tub and swim spa dealers that you know will always be in the area and who have a local store location. Spa Logic is here to stay and be in your corner when you need help.

How to Know If You are Making the Right Choice

  • The salesman will be from a local business.
  • The products come from reliable manufacturers such as Coast Spas or Clearwater Spas.
  • There is a local number provided.
  • You can look up the dealership on their website such as how Spa Logic has a website.
  • The website will have model pages and inventory pages.
  • You are never rushed to make a decision.
  • Services are provided before, during, and after buying a hot to or swim spa.

Visit Our New Store in Tigard

Come by our new store location in Tigard, Oregon! Spa Logic is excited to open our services and hot tub sales in this great, central location. Our store is surrounded by shopping centers and restaurants so next time you are out and about make sure you stop by our store!

Our Water Testing Feature

We offer a wide range of pool and spa chemicals along with water testing capabilities. Bring in a sample of your pool or hot tub water and use this coupon to get a free water test! Our specialists can tell you exactly what your water needs. After, we will provide you with those chemicals right in our store.

New Store in Tigard

Hot Tubs We Have in Our Store

The majority of our hot tubs are Clearwater. Tigard also carries Coast Spas, Pacific Spas, and Tuff Spa in stock. We carry all four brands in our stores. Clearwater is one of our newest editions and includes many great features! Read more about our different hot tub brands in our article, What are the Different Hot tub Brands?.

We Provide Full Service Options

Just like our other store locations in Portland and Beaverton, we will provide you with full services. That includes buying, selling, and trading hot tub tubs, which you can fill out a form for on our Trade-in Value page. We also can order or have in stock hot tub parts if you need a replacement. Fill out an online form for a parts request. Schedule a free site consultation if you need help deciding the placement of your new hot tub. Our team includes backyard specialists, a delivery team, and a service technician to help you if you are buying a new hot tub or need service of any kind on your already-owned hot tub. Daryn, our owner, will sit down with you and help you with anything you need whether you have a hot tub or looking to buy. For further questions, make sure you stop by to visit us at our new store in Tigard! Read more about our services on our service page.