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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where do I Begin Buying a Hot Tub?

Is this your first time buying a hot tub and you don't know where to start? Our team is here to help you every step of the way. You can get in contact with us at our nearest location to you or give us a call. Start by reading our beginner's guide to buying a hot tub.

Which Hot Tub is Right for Me?

At Spa Logic, we will help you customize your hot tub to fit all of the qualities you are looking for. Whether you want something big or small, has powerful jets or few jets, or other bells and whistles, we are here to cover what you need.

Do you Service your Hot Tubs?

Yes, we do! We value our customers and want to make sure you have the best experience with your hot tub. We provide relocation or extraction services, in-home consultation, parts requests, financing, trade-in values, water testing (in store), and of course answer any questions you may have about your hot tub. Read more on our services page.

Can you Fix my Hot Tub?

Yes, we can. We are a full service dealership. If you have any problems with your hot tub you can either fill out service form, (specifically found in the question directly above) or you can give us a call at your nearest location and we can help you with repairs.

Can I Finance my Hot Tub?

Absolutely. The best way to get more information about financing is to come to our store and we will help you through this process. Learn more on our financing page. We finance with Wells Fargo.

Do you Sell Hot Tub Covers?

Yes, we sell hot tub covers customized to fit your hot tub. We can even have them delivered.

Do you have Hot Tubs Available to look at Right Now?

Come visit us in our store to see what we have in stock right now or give us a call. You can also view what we have in store today on our site.

Can you Deliver and Install my Hot Tub?

We have a delivery team of experts to help you get your hot tub where it needs to go. No worries or stress here! Read more about our delivery, moving, and extraction services.

Can you Water Test my Hot Tub?

We offer free water testing in store. All you need to do is bring in a sample of your hot tub water and we can test it for you and then help you choose the cleaners your hot tub needs. Learn more about testing your water here.

Can you Remove my Hot Tub?

Yes, we offer removal services. Read more here.

Do you Sell Swim Spas?

Yes, check out our swim spas here.

What do I do if my Heater Stops Working?

One of the most common problems that causes your heater to stop working is a clogged filter. First, try cleaning it out. You can read how to clean out your filter here.

Read more about hot tub heating problems in our article, “How to Fix 6 Common Hot Tub Problems,” under the heading Heating Failure.

If this does not work, you can give us a call at your nearest location and we can help you find out why.

How do I Clear Cloudy/Foamy Water?

The simple solution is to shock your water. Shock therapy should be a major part of your weekly hot tub maintenance routine in order to keep a constant clear looking hot tub. You can learn more about what shocking is and how to do it here.

You can also read more about solving your cloudy/foamy water problem in our article, “How to Fix 6 Common Hot Tub Problems.”

How do I Balance my Alkaline and PH Levels?

You will need increaser and decreaser Alkaline and PH chemicals kept in your home to use when either of these levels gets too high or too low. You can purchase these at your local Spa Logic dealer. To learn more about total Alkaline and PH levels, read our article.

How do I Maintain my Hot Tub?

Learn how to properly maintain your hot tub by reading our articles about taking care of a hot tub. “How to Maintain your Hot Tub” is a solid place to start learning how to prevent future problems and keeping a long lasting hot tub.

Who do I contact about Fixing my Hot Tub?

You can contact us, Spa Logic, to come help you fix any problems you may have with your hot tub. Find us at one of your nearest locations and give us a call or visit us in store. We can help you with whatever you need!

How can I fix my Own Hot Tub Problems?

Read our article, “How to Fix 6 Common Hot Tub Problems” to find out what you can do for your hot tub.

What do I do if my GFCI Breaker Keeps Tripping?

You can first try unplugging each of the most common elements dealing with your breaker: the heating element, the ozonator (if you have one), and the blower or air pump. Unplug each individually to find which may be the culprit. First, disconnect all your hot tub components from the GFCI breaker. Reconnect each element to the GFCI breaker and check to see if it trips. If any of them cause your GFCI breaker to trip, it may need replacement.

Read the full text about how to fix your tripping GFCI breaker.

What do I do about a Noisy Pump? Is my Pump Broken?

If your pump is making squealing or growing sounds, you can first try opening the valves near your pump or clean or replace your filter to remove any clogs. You may also want to check the water level.

It is also likely your pump needs a replacement.

How do I Fix a Low/Weak Water Flow or Weak Jets?

There could be multiple reasons causing this: a clogged filter, a low water level, an air lock, or broken jets.

clogged filter is a dirty filter. If you are experiencing a weak or low water flow out of your jets, this could mean your filter needs either cleaning or a replacement of a new filter.

Check your water level. If your water level falls below the skimmer level, (where the micro filter is placed) then you could have issues with the strength of your water flow.

There is an air lock. This means that air could have gotten into the plumbing line and is blocking water from flowing properly. This can happen when you drain, refill, and clean your hot tub water. If your jets do not work after you do this, there may be an air lock. One way to fix this is opening your valves and turning your jets on low for 10-20 seconds then on high for 10-20 seconds and repeat until the flow returns to normal. If this nor any other methods above do not work, you can call a professional to come help.

Another possibility is that your jets are broken. Check all nozzles to see if any debris is blocking water flow. If jets appear to be worn out, this could also mean you need to replace your jets.

Why Should I use a Hot Tub?

There are many health and relaxation reasons to use a hot tub. Some of these reasons include stress relief, back pain, pre/post workouts, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, spending time outside, and chromatherapy. Read more here.

How Long Should I Stay in my Hot Tub

Generally, 15-20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to soak no matter what time of day. 15 minutes pre or post workout, in the morning before work, before you go to bed, on the weekends with friends and family, etc. Just 15 minutes a day can make a difference in the quality of your life.

How Often Should I use my Hot Tub?

The key to benefiting the most from your hot tub is to find a regular routine for when you soak. For every person that routine can vary. The optimal usage is at least once or twice a day. It could be at the beginning and ending of your day. It could be before and after work. It could be after your workout and before you go to bed. There are many different combinations. Find what works best for you. Start with one type of routine and consistently do this for the next 2 weeks. If you feel that your energy, pain levels, mentality, stress, or other qualities of your life have been improved by this, keep it up! Switch it up and try other times of the day. Try that for 2 weeks. Is your new routine better? Experiment.

When is the Best Time of Day to Hot Tub?

There are various times to dip into your hot tub to invigorate your day or to relax. Some of those include before you go to work, during the weekend, after a hard workout, during the cold winter days, and before you go to bed at night. Read more about these times of day here.

How Often Should I Change the Water in my Hot Tub?

We recommend you change your water at least every 3 months or every new season. If you find that your water gets dirtier faster or you have a lot of problems with cloudy/foamy water, then you should try changing it every month or two. This may be because you use your hot tub often.

What Should I use to Clean my Hot Tub?

You should use proper cleaning solutions recommended by Spa Logic hot tub experts. You can purchase these solutions in store at your nearest location.

Should I Clean my Hot Tub Filter?

Yes, you should clean your filter regularly. It is important to get into a maintenance schedule of both rinsing your filter on a weekly basis and deep cleaning it seasonally. It is always included when you deep clean your entire hot tub as well.

How do I Clean my Hot Tub?

Learn how to deep clean your hot tub in 7 easy steps in our blog.

Can I use Vinegar to Clean my Hot Tub?

Yes, but only for stains that are hard to remove. Do not use vinegar to clean your entire hot tub. You need to use cleaning solutions specially designed for hot tubs. Use a 50/50 percent ratio of vinegar to water when you do need to get those tuff stains out. You can read more about what to use to clean your hot tub in our blog.

Can I use Bleach to Clean my Hot Tub?

No, household cleaning chemicals are not all suited for cleaning your hot tub. Bleach can imbalance your hot tub water if mixed at all with other cleaning solutions you put in your water, for example your pH levels. You can read more about what to use to clean your hot tub in our blog.