Family Run Hot Tub Sales and Service


Let Kirk P Speak For Us!

Spa Logic made buying this tub a great experience! My wife and I recently purchased and moved into our new home. We always wanted our own hot tub and this was finally the opportunity we were waiting for to make that dream come true. We did a lot of research online and shopping around. We visited a number of spa showrooms and one factory showroom around the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area. In most cases, our first impression was that the salesman made us feel good uneasy and a couple of them even creeped us out a bit. As for the tubs, we heard a lot about how great the other spa manufacturers were and how great their prices were. However, what we saw in the showrooms did not impress us and the prices were really high. Then we visited the Spa Logic showroom and met Rick. Right up front, Rick made us feel entirely comfortable and didn’t try to pitch us in any way. He simply allowed us to look around the showroom and when we were ready to talk, he simply asked us what we needed. What really impressed us was that Rick was in no hurry to get a sale. In addition, he carefully guided us through the process of selecting the the tub and options/accessories that were right for us. He even steered us away from some higher priced options because they were either too costly to maintain, or we simply wouldn’t use them and why pay extra for that. It was such a great process and we appreciated his down to earth, helpful way of doing business. When the tub arrived at the store, Rick called us and scheduled delivery and setup for the very next day. Everything went great and the setup team did a great job. I ran into one issue in that my number 2 pump did not work. I called Rick right away and he and another member of the sales/support team were on a speaker phone walking me through a troubleshooting process step by step. In short, I was able to quickly and easily resolve the issue, which turn out to be a connector that was not fully seated, and the tub was back up and running in under 5 minutes with both pumps fully operational. My wife and I used the tub for the first time later the same day it was delivered and we are so thankful we went with Coast Spa’s Luxury Apex L Curve model. What an amazing tub! It simply blows us away! The awesome massage jets, aromatherapy, and Xtreme Multicolor LED GLO Jet & ChromaZone Lighting system combined to give us an incredible spa experience that made us both simply melt into total relaxation and forget the world around us. Mission accomplished! This tub wasn’t cheap by any means. But dollar for dollar, this tub blows away anything else out there on the market and we spent $5,000.00 less than the competitors had quoted us. Here’s one really important thing to consider… Sit in the tub, even if it’s empty, and you will notice a difference. We wanted a lounger in our tub. When we sat in the competitors tubs, the loungers had us sitting up with our legs stretched in front of us and were not at all comfortable or relaxing. When we sat in the cost tub, the lounger was totally different and seemed to cradle us in a more reclined, totally relaxing position. What a difference! In addition. There were two sets of foot pads; one set for shorter people and one set for taller people like me. This means the lounger works perfectly for both my wife and me. Coast Spas was definitely the right choice for us and Spa Logic made buying this tub a great experience! Thanks so much!

Kirk P