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Let Jennifer Qian Speak For Us!

I have nothing but great things to say about Rick and Tyler at Spa Logic Hot tubs. Having suffered from a herniated disk in my lower back for almost 1 year, I decided to look for a hot tub or swim spa for water therapy and rehab purposes. Rick was compassionate and knowledgable not only about the spas but also about my back condition, and how the spas can help me recover faster. Risk has gone through multiple back surgeries himself. I have never met someone that genuinely cared about a stranger's recovery. I trusted his recommendation immediately and never felt that he was pushing one product over the other. Tyler is Rick's son, who is respectful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I did a wet test of the swim spa with him. He was so accommodating during the entire process. He took his time to allow us to try different speeds and taught us how to adjust the swim spa. If you suffer from back issues and looking to buy a swim spa to help you recover, PLEASE talk to Rick. Not only will he tell you which model is best for you, but he will also show you how to maximize the spa for your recovery. If you just need a good quality hot tub, I still highly recommend talking to them. I haven't met a lot of salesmen in my life that are honest, laid back, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring.

Jennifer Qian