Family Run Hot Tub Sales and Service


Let Ann Kopel Speak For Us!

I have known the owner, Daryn Sharp, for at least a dozen years. I was so lucky to find him when we owned a 110v deck-top hot tub we purchased at a home show. It kept tripping the GFI and turning off the tub. I had called several repair places the manufacturer, an Oregon based company and on their advice had replaced the cord several times, but it kept happening. Finally one of the service people I spoke to referred my to Daryn. He immediately and correctly diagnosed the problem and solved it. I have called him ever since whenever we have a problem. In 2015 we bought a tub from Craigslist which (of course) has had several problems. Daryn is not only brilliant, he is one of the kindest, most personable, and honest service people I know. Even through I have never bought a hot tub from one of his stores, he has always treated me as the very best customer he has ever had, and I believe he does the same for every customer. I can't recommend this man highly enough and I am sure he runs his hot tub sales businesses with the same dedication to his customers that he has shown to me all these years.

Ann Kopel