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Experience the best selection of hot tubs and swim spas at one of our store locations in Beaverton and Tigard Oregon. We are a family owned dealership and provide full services such as water testing, deliveryfree site consultationtroubleshooting any technical problemsordering hot tub parts, and answering any questions you have regarding hot tubs or swim spas. Our team will work with you every step of the way. We have a wide variety of different models in our showroom so be sure to check them out!

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Buyers Guide for a 6 Person Hot Tub

So, you are looking to buy a fun 6 person sized hot tub for you and your family and/or friends? There are many benefits to buying a 6 person, medium sized hot tub. The most obvious is the ability to fit a whole family of up to 6 people or to fit you and some […]

How to Remove Spa Suds

Learn how to quickly and easily prevent and remove spa suds/foaming right away. The first step is understanding that spa suds are caused by an imbalance in your spa's water chemicals called the PH and total alkalinity levels. It is important to check your levels once or twice a week and to add the proper […]

What Cleaners Should I Use on my Hot Tub?

When it's that quarterly time of the year to drain and clean your hot tub water, don't forget about cleaning your hot tub parts as well as keeping everything functioning properly. As part of your hot tub maintenance routine, you should use special hot tub cleaners on your hot tub parts such as the cabinet, […]

Hot Tub Aromatherapy: Heal your Mind and Body

Looking for a new way to relax and relieve stress and anxiety? Try a more holistic approach by jazzing up your hot tub with therapeutic aromas called aromatherapy. Using specially made hot tub crystals, liquids, or oils is the start to your healing process. Sink into your steaming hot water as the elixir releases a […]

10 Popular Accessories your Hot Tub Must Have

Did you just pick out your hot tub or have you had your hot tub for awhile now? If your answer is yes to either, then you are ready to accessorize your hot tub to not only enhance your experience, but to also liven up your backyard look. Here is a list of the top […]

How to Deep Clean your Hot Tub in 7 Easy Steps

As you would clean any other appliance in your home like your sinks or your shower/bathtub, it is also important to clean your hot tub. You should keep a regular cleaning schedule of your hot tub that includes both surface and deep cleaning. Deep clean your hot tub at least 4 times a year or […]

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Our Brands

Clearwater Spas

Spa Logic Hot Tubs & Swim Spas carries Clearwater Spas, one of our leading and most trusted brands. Clearwater will bring you and your family the most pleasant experiences to your backyard.

Clearwater Spas puts the CLEARity back into your spa’s water. Their exclusive CLEAR system is made to give your hot tub everlasting water purification. Your water is clean and clear 24/7 using the most natural resources in only 4 simple stages. No other brand of hot tub will bring your water the same crystal clear cleanliness at all times of the day. Read more in our blog post here.

Browse our collection of Clearwater Spas to find the one that fits all your desires.

Pacific Spas

Pacific Spas is a spa company like no other; our spas are proudly handcrafted in Canada to be superior in craftsmanship, energy efficiency, engineering and safety. Our core value statement is to lead with quality manufacturing and technical innovation, utilizing talent drawn from all over the world. The result is an exquisite spa that is designed to be dependable for years of enjoyment, durable in all weather conditions and economical to operate.

As soon as you step in to a Pacific Spa, you’ll feel the difference of a truly master crafted spa. The interior of a Pacific hot tub is specially engineered to maximize people space. Pacific offers generous space between seats and an impressively large foot well for natural seating, maximum foot room, and easier movement within the spa.

Imagine yourself immersed to your shoulders in one of Pacific’s impressively deep 40" tubs. Not only is a Pacific spa designed to keep your entire body enjoying the warm waters, maximum comfort is provided through a variety of ergonomically contoured seating configurations including armrests and lounger option.


A Starlight Hot Tub has your family’s fun and relaxation in mind. Our goal is to give you satisfaction in knowing you have purchased the best spa of its kind. Each detail is placed for your ultimate comfort and hydrotherapy. We value quality and integrity in making us stand tall amongst our competitors.

A Proud USA Manufacturer

Durasport Spas

A Cut Above the Rest

Durasport Spas.

We’re One of Not Many.

Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality hot tubs. Additionally, all of our products are compliant with CSA standards, providing our customers with additional peace of mind.

  • Proud member of the International Hot Tub Association (IHTA)
  • We adhere to the IHTA’s strict membership criteria related to industry legislation, certification, and licensing.

Product Innovation

We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement. With each new generation of hot tubs we release, we strive to refine and enhance our products to stay at the forefront of the industry. We are dedicated to creating, designing, and building hot tubs that are unmatched in terms of quality and features.

Customer Support

At Durasport Spas, we have a dedicated customer service team and a vast network of dealers who are experts in the field and are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have about our hot tubs. They will guide you and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

After-Sale Service

We have a vast network of factory-authorized local service technicians to ensure our customers’ peace of mind, and that their hot tubs are running at optimal performance, thus protecting their investment. With our team of skilled technicians, we are able to provide quick and efficient service.

Durability by Design

Durability is the key to long-lasting products, and it’s at the core of our designs. We design spas that are able to withstand wear and tear, and we stand by the durability and security of our products. We are proud to offer spas that can endure any climate.

Innovators, Through And Through.

Innovation is a continuous process at Durasport Spas. We are constantly developing new ideas, product features, and technology. With every new generation of hot tubs we release, we strive to improve and refine our products.

Outdoor GreatRoom

Located in the heart of Minnesota, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ (OGC) manufactures unique, upscale products with design appeal for outdoor living spaces. Products include gas fire pit tables, gas fire burners, outdoor kitchen islands, outdoor gas fireplaces, outdoor patio furniture, accessories, and custom products for residential and commercial applications. The team behind The Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ was the first to enter into the gas fire pit category, positioning OGC as the experts on outdoor fire.

Let the Outdoor GreatRoom Company™ help to define your outdoor experience. We set the trends outside as your one-stop shop for safe products, reliable and friendly service, and innovative technology. From concept to design to delivery, we will ensure your style doesn’t stop at the door. Distinctive products for a distinctive lifestyle. Bring home outside®.