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Let Our Customers Speak For Us!

My parents went in hoping to purchase one hot tub and left with two, a long-lasting quality service, and a great bundle deal. Spa logic offered a better deal than any other place my parents encountered in 6 months of searching. My parents gained so much knowledge on how to care for hot tubs in a detailed manner upon purchasing. Daryn and his team are always so quick to answer any questions and send someone over upon any doubts. We are so grateful not only for the amazing selection but for the attentive service and knowledgeable team. They made the delivery look effortless paired with a quick set-up. We can't stress enough how beautiful the features of these products are and how good the quality is! Thank you for everything Daryn! We made the best decision purchasing from Spa Logic.

Gabriella Parra

Rick at Spa Logic by the I-5 bridge was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in our search for a first hot tub. With his helpers in tow, he demonstrated the high quality of the Coast Spas, and we selected a suitable Patio Series model at a reasonable price with accessories geared to our particular needs. We made the purchase after a very pleasant hour with Rick, and the hot tub was delivered and set up expertly by the Spa Logic team less than two days later. This could not have been any easier. Many thanks to Rick and Spa Logic for outstanding service!

Michael Nolan

Great staff and they were extremely informative. They were able to answer all the questions I had. Very pleased with my new spa! I highly recommend this place!

Tina Muir

I have known the owner, Daryn Sharp, for at least a dozen years. I was so lucky to find him when we owned a 110v deck-top hot tub we purchased at a home show. It kept tripping the GFI and turning off the tub. I had called several repair places the manufacturer, an Oregon based company and on their advice had replaced the cord several times, but it kept happening. Finally one of the service people I spoke to referred my to Daryn. He immediately and correctly diagnosed the problem and solved it. I have called him ever since whenever we have a problem. In 2015 we bought a tub from Craigslist which (of course) has had several problems. Daryn is not only brilliant, he is one of the kindest, most personable, and honest service people I know. Even through I have never bought a hot tub from one of his stores, he has always treated me as the very best customer he has ever had, and I believe he does the same for every customer. I can't recommend this man highly enough and I am sure he runs his hot tub sales businesses with the same dedication to his customers that he has shown to me all these years.

Ann Kopel

We have been shopping for a hot tub for the last couple of months. There is so much to see and learn. We visited several places before we narrowed it down to our two favorite hot tubs. We decided to go with the Coast Spa and Spa Logic Hot Tubs. Not only was Rick very informative and not pushy, but their reviews back it up! We also appreciated the fact that their employees were wearing masks in the store and ensuring that the 6' of social distancing was happening. We just recently took delivery of our new hot tub and we are so glad that we chose Spa Logic Hot Tubs. The hot tub is EVERYTHING that we had hoped for and more! After we had used the spa a couple of times, I had a few questions and I called to talk to Rick and he was so helpful in answering them all. If you are in the market for a new hot tub, I highly recommend Spa Logic Hot Tubs and Rick!

Brett Lewis

Walked in on Friday afternoon had a hot tub on Monday morning at 7:30am. Who does that? Great advice, great prices, great showroom. Thanks Rick!

Lee Farmer

I have nothing but great things to say about Rick and Tyler at Spa Logic Hot tubs. Having suffered from a herniated disk in my lower back for almost 1 year, I decided to look for a hot tub or swim spa for water therapy and rehab purposes. Rick was compassionate and knowledgable not only about the spas but also about my back condition, and how the spas can help me recover faster. Risk has gone through multiple back surgeries himself. I have never met someone that genuinely cared about a stranger's recovery. I trusted his recommendation immediately and never felt that he was pushing one product over the other. Tyler is Rick's son, who is respectful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I did a wet test of the swim spa with him. He was so accommodating during the entire process. He took his time to allow us to try different speeds and taught us how to adjust the swim spa. If you suffer from back issues and looking to buy a swim spa to help you recover, PLEASE talk to Rick. Not only will he tell you which model is best for you, but he will also show you how to maximize the spa for your recovery. If you just need a good quality hot tub, I still highly recommend talking to them. I haven't met a lot of salesmen in my life that are honest, laid back, knowledgeable, and genuinely caring.

Jennifer Qian

We love the new tub but it was the efforts of the Spa Logic Team that made this a very special experience. Just about a month ago my Wife and I stopped into our local hot tub dealer in Beaverton Oregon. The business name is Spa Logic. I was there to inquire on needed repairs to our 20+ year old hot tube. My Father and I built a all cedar custom spa house on our large backyard cedar deck. The problem is we never designed a way to remove the tub from the house if the need ever arose. Darin is the repair man as well as the Owner and a hell of a nice guy. He and his Wife came to our house to look at the tub that same day. Darrin explained that the needed parts were no longer available and the tub had outlasted it’s useful life. My fear was we had no way to get the old tub out and a new tub into the cedar house. One side of the tub house and deck is at ground level and the other side is approximately 12 feet off the ground. Darin suggested that if I had a contractor remove the wall on the 12 foot end he could get my old tub out and the new tub in. He explained that he had done multiple difficult projects such as ours and he had total confidence he could get it done. I looked at my Wife and she said lets go for it. We ordered the tub that same day. Today the hot tub was delivered to our house. The wall was removed and the skill and expertise used to carefully remove the old tub by using a custom built ramp system and a team of very skilled men to assist. Our son was taking video and photos as the project progressed. The same ramp system was used to get the new tub into the tub house without a scratch on the tub house or the new tub. We love the new tub but it was the efforts of the Spa Logic Team that made this a very special experience. It is very rare to find a small family owned and operated business that puts as much care and consideration into their work and towards their customers. I would recommend Darin and the Spa Logic Team for any of your hot tube / spa needs. These are people you can trust and we have made some new friends with some very special people.

Tim T

Spa Logic made buying this tub a great experience! My wife and I recently purchased and moved into our new home. We always wanted our own hot tub and this was finally the opportunity we were waiting for to make that dream come true. We did a lot of research online and shopping around. We visited a number of spa showrooms and one factory showroom around the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area. In most cases, our first impression was that the salesman made us feel good uneasy and a couple of them even creeped us out a bit. As for the tubs, we heard a lot about how great the other spa manufacturers were and how great their prices were. However, what we saw in the showrooms did not impress us and the prices were really high. Then we visited the Spa Logic showroom and met Rick. Right up front, Rick made us feel entirely comfortable and didn’t try to pitch us in any way. He simply allowed us to look around the showroom and when we were ready to talk, he simply asked us what we needed. What really impressed us was that Rick was in no hurry to get a sale. In addition, he carefully guided us through the process of selecting the the tub and options/accessories that were right for us. He even steered us away from some higher priced options because they were either too costly to maintain, or we simply wouldn’t use them and why pay extra for that. It was such a great process and we appreciated his down to earth, helpful way of doing business. When the tub arrived at the store, Rick called us and scheduled delivery and setup for the very next day. Everything went great and the setup team did a great job. I ran into one issue in that my number 2 pump did not work. I called Rick right away and he and another member of the sales/support team were on a speaker phone walking me through a troubleshooting process step by step. In short, I was able to quickly and easily resolve the issue, which turn out to be a connector that was not fully seated, and the tub was back up and running in under 5 minutes with both pumps fully operational. My wife and I used the tub for the first time later the same day it was delivered and we are so thankful we went with Coast Spa’s Luxury Apex L Curve model. What an amazing tub! It simply blows us away! The awesome massage jets, aromatherapy, and Xtreme Multicolor LED GLO Jet & ChromaZone Lighting system combined to give us an incredible spa experience that made us both simply melt into total relaxation and forget the world around us. Mission accomplished! This tub wasn’t cheap by any means. But dollar for dollar, this tub blows away anything else out there on the market and we spent $5,000.00 less than the competitors had quoted us. Here’s one really important thing to consider… Sit in the tub, even if it’s empty, and you will notice a difference. We wanted a lounger in our tub. When we sat in the competitors tubs, the loungers had us sitting up with our legs stretched in front of us and were not at all comfortable or relaxing. When we sat in the cost tub, the lounger was totally different and seemed to cradle us in a more reclined, totally relaxing position. What a difference! In addition. There were two sets of foot pads; one set for shorter people and one set for taller people like me. This means the lounger works perfectly for both my wife and me. Coast Spas was definitely the right choice for us and Spa Logic made buying this tub a great experience! Thanks so much!

Kirk P

Definitely give this family-run local business a shot! We are extremely pleased not only with our brand new hot tub we bought from Spa Logic, but even more so with the service we received. Spa Logic was the 1st place we went in to when considering replacing our old spa. We felt very good talking to Darren and his wife Terri, who gave us information, patiently answered questions and did not give us a sales pitch. But like good consumers we went to other local shops, knowing in our hearts that Spa Logic was probably where we would go back to. Others just gave us hard sales pitches and indeed we went back to Spa Logic and made the purchase. Installation with Johan and his crew was seamless, on time and as advertised. If you are looking for a new hot tub, definitely give this family-run local business a shot!

Steve L

We Found the selection and quality to be top notch! We checked out several places in search for a fire pit. We were very pleased with the selection we found here and ended up purchasing a fire table and matching fire pit. We found the selection and quality to be top notch! The owners were very honest and reasonable with their pricing. I highly recommend giving Spa-Logic Hot Tubs an opportunity to earn your future business.

Candice W

They were incredibly helpful in fixing our old one. We have an old hot tub that was not working, instead of trying to sell us a new one they were incredibly helpful in fixing our old one, when it is time to buy a new one of these guys will be the first place I go.

David M