Spa Logic Hot Tubs Service

Here at Spa logic hot tubs, our number one priority is our customer’s long time satisfaction. Not only do we sell hot tubs and swim spas, but we also provide the service you need to keep a long time working hot tub. Our 30 years of service tech and spa industry expertise will be there for you guaranteed.

We are here for you from the first time you buy a new hot tub with us all the way through the time you spend with your hot tub. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials page from other customers!

Our Customized Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

The spa logic team welcomes you to come to one of our locations in Portland or Beaverton. We will sit down and talk with you for an hour or more to answer all of your questions from the mechanical to the fun side of hot tubs and swim spas. Our team will help you customize your hot tub or swim spa exactly how you want it. We will make suggestions and help guide you to creating your dream hot tub or swim spa! There are different accessories we can customize for you included in the following:

  • various hot tub sizes
  • built-in waterfalls
  • cover lifters
  • sensor spas
  • chromazone lights
  • waterline lights
  • stereos
  • booster chairs
  • little pillows

We can provide any size, built-in waterfall to amuse your kids with pretty lights while providing massage jets, aromatherapy, and relaxing chromazone lighting for the parents. If you have teenagers, maybe the stereos would be a perfect fit! You can melt your worries away while keeping a close eye on your kids. Whether you want a simple or a complex hot tub, we want you to relax and enjoy after a long, stressful day at work or simply kicking back on the weekends.

How to Keep your Hot Tub’s Water Clean

One of our most popular services we provide is free water testing and analysis. Using our service and warranty, we will teach you how to test and read the PH levels of your hot tub using test strips. You can even bring in a sample of your water and we will run it through our water spin lab, which will print off an analysis sheet of the exact chemicals your hot tub needs.

Often, one of the biggest problems customers run into is foamy, soft, and unclear water. When you see this, you know that there is dirt or other particles in the water that are not natural. This happens when you get into your hot tub wearing lotions, hair sprays, other hair products, sun screen, or detergents on your clothes. Even excessive sweat can cause foaming. To avoid this, make sure you are rinsing off from head to toe before getting into your hot tub or swim spa.

In addition, make sure you are changing out your water every 4-5 months because unwanted chemicals build up over time. We can help you with this as well. Taking care of the water aspect will greatly help with the longevity of your hot tub. Keeping your water clean will keep the mechanical parts like your heater working as well.

Our Fast Service

Feel free to call us or fill out a form about any questions you might have with your hot tub or swim spa or if you are looking to buy. We can help you troubleshoot any technical or water problems you have for free. Furthermore, we care most about great customer service and making sure we keep that long time customer satisfaction. Additionally, not only do we provide services to customers who purchase hot tubs or swim spas with us, but we also provide services to any hot tub or swim spa owner with any type of hot tub. As always, our small family owned dealership’s service is here for you every step of the way to ensure you have the best hot tub or swim spa experience every time.

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