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Site Consultation

Site Consultation

Make your Hot Tub Feel Right at Home

Spa Logic’s free in-home site consultation will help you decide where the best place would be for your new hot tub. Our expert advice will help you avoid costly mistakes and help ensure years of enjoyment in your new spa. Some of the things our team of Outdoor Living Experts look at are:

  • Access to get the hot tub into your backyard. We not only have to make sure we have a clear path for the width of the hot tub, but the heighth is also a consideration in some homes. Sometimes there is not sufficient space to get the hot tub down either side of the house, but not to worry, we have great relationships with several local crane companies that can assist with the installation if necessary. 
  • What type of foundation will the hot tub sit on. There are many options available and we will help you decide the best option for your specific backyard and installation.
  • The placement of the hot tub is very important. We will offer suggestions on different options available to work with inside in your outdoor living space.

Our Outdoor Living Experts will also be able to answer any additional questions that you may have about the process from start to finish. Please note that you must be intending to purchase a spa from us in order to qualify for the free site consultation.

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